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94 Chambers Street

Client: Arnaud Tronche
New York City, NY | 2014

In this most unlikely commercial strip in lower Manhattan, amidst the overturning of the street for new sewer replacement stands a modern temple to wine and the lovers of it. The simple space with a few well chosen surface textures and treatments lets the star product shine The open kitchen and the intoxicating smells emanating from it reminds everyone that top notch food is also available. This is the first American outpost of this well respected and long established same-named Parisian restaurant. Early reviews have made it a knockout for its food, its wine, and thankfully, its interiors.
A reinforced floor was required to support the two specially built, climate controlled storage rooms for the star of this space: A 8,000 bottle refrigerated wine cellar, and a refrigerated rare wine cellar.

Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger
General Contractor: In House Group, Inc.

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