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Adam Kushner


Adam Kushner is the founding principal of KUSHNER studios, an architecture and design practice. Mr. Kushner's design background stems from his formal education at Rensselaer [B ARCH 1986] and Cornell University [M ARCH 1994]. As a Design Studio Instructor at Cornell Mr. Kushner's interest in teaching was nourished and he continues to remain close to academia.

He lectures often to various agencies, institutions and organizations on a range of topics and has been well published in professional journals as well as TV, video, internet and print media. He is consistently invited to serve as juror and guest speaker at many universities. He has held teaching positions at Pratt Institute in their Graduate School of Architecture, and as an adjunct Professor at NJIT and NYIT. Professionally, he worked for recognized New York and Boston based firms and has participated in winning national housing competitions prior to founding KUSHNER studios in 1994. His broadly based design firm has taken on a diverse range of work, incorporating commercial, institutional, residential and theoretical constructions. His practice has also grown to include the allied fields of Construction and hands on fabrication of many of the works designed. This practice became formalized in the formation of In House Group, a general contracting firm established in 2001. In House Group Inc., originally intended to be the construction arm of his Design-Construction venture has flourished and has undertaken many large projects free from his Architectural Practice. It employs over 50 workers, sub trades, and consultants.

This has begot yet another branch of Mr. Kushner's endeavors, Context Development Services, founded as well in 2001. Through this company, he has, with his partners, purchased and developed many projects both domestically and abroad. And to add this to his resume: for a brief shining moment, he also designed, built and operated [!] a successful East Village Restaurant [Seymour Burton] before he succumbed to fatigue. He has since left restaurant ownerships to others. He has a great interest in renewable energy sources and is currently trying to bring wind power and solar power, both in their infancies in the New York City, to the market in general as well as to his project in particular. To these ends he is also a LEED AP certified practitioner for both his architectural firm and his construction company. Through these various ventures, Mr. Kushner has been attempting to accomplish what has always been most important to him: Re-envisioning the built environment by encircling most of the decision making roles under a singular holistic corporate umbrella. He is committed to bringing his vision of the possibilities of architecture to the public in the most expedient and direct manner possible.

Mr. Kushner has exhibited both architectural and photographic work and written several article and manuscript length texts. His omnipresent 'wanderlust' has taken Mr. Kushner on many global adventures, including an eleven-month backpacking voyage throughout Asia, China and the Indian subcontinent. He has recently returned from a successful climb of Mount Shasta and Mount Rainier and a [unsuccessful] trip to climb Cero Aconcagua in Argentina, but vows to return. He considers himself an avid New Yorker, having been born and raised here and enjoys the nuances and richness of human experience that all urban spaces offer. He is a fan of all racquet sports and an accomplished marathon runner and has a great admiration of Italian Vintage Scooters, of which he owns 6. His greatest projects to date, however, are his twins, which keep both him and his wife, Dr. Louise Chuu, on their toes.

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