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KUSHNER studios is an Architecture and Design firm in New York City. Since its establishment in 1994, the firm has designed and built a diverse range of projects in both size and scope KUSHNER studios has developed an ongoing portfolio of projects that span from conceptual to urban site planning.

Mission Statement

Adam Kushner, founding principal, believes strongly that design enlightens and enriches its users; to that end, he continually strives to foster opportunities for growth both for himself and those around him. Above all the firm believes that design begins before the client arrives, and doesn't end until after the owner takes the keys.

KUSHNER studios seeks to redefine the nature and place of the practice of architecture to be all inclusive of construction and its related endeavors.

KUSHNER studios approaches each project with an efficient team of credentialed and skilled architects, designers, and allied consultants. With our broad design and engineering backgrounds, we have been able to develop for our clients a sophisticated angle of products and services, from traditional architectural services to presentations and graphic packages as well as modeling, expediting, space planning and furniture and industrial design among others. The staff's experience in graphic and architectural design makes such innovative packages accessible to a broad spectrum of clients

Our Team

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