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123-125 Baxter Street

Client: American Development Group
New York , NY | 2007

[77,000 SF]
The new 7-story residential building features Ground Floor retail space and 23 modern high-end condominium units including 2 penthouse units and a duplex townhouse with a private entrance and elevator. The development also features NYC's first fully automated parking system, a private gym, public common space, and rooftop common space. The building guides inhabitants through a linear cathartic journey, from the culturally entrenched streets of the Chinatown/Little Italy neighborhood to one's most private inner sanctum: their bedroom. The project proposes an answer to the question of how a fixed object (and fixed image) of a building can exist alongside such public transience that is Chinatown and ultimately represent the timeless idea of how a home begins with connecting habitation and occupants with their natural world.

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