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EN Restaurant, 435 Hudson Street

Client: EN Restaurant
New York, NY | 2004

The restaurant features 3 private rooms, 2 tatami rooms, bar and lounge areas, open kitchen, and dining room. Eschewing trends in restaurant design towards 'slick' minimalism, EN has found a unique niche in its delicate balancing act between its sensual modernist use of materials set against richly expressive antique panels 'pre-inscribed' with character, traditional Japanese hardware, tatami mats and rough hewn timber panels. The overall care given to this handcrafted outpost is as prevalent in the food as in the details of the space. It continues to thrive in the fickle New York City restaurant world. It has garnered accolades worldwide for its aesthetic and ambiance. (We are also quick to point out that it has been rated by Zagat's Guide with a 28/30 for décor.)

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