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765 North Mountain Road

Client: Adam Kushner
Gardiner, NY | Under Construction

This project holds a bit of an unexpected historical record. This happens to be the first permitted 3d printed structure in the United States. Indeed, it is. When applicant, Adam Kushner went to file it with the local building department he only was given 3 boxes to check off. Stick Built, Modular Construction or Masonry Construction. He pondered that and boldly drew a 4th box on the Permit application and writing ‘3d Printed’ boldly checked it off. It was approved and the rest is history. Sort of. This project, meant to showcase all of the possibilities of 3d printing has been hampered over the last years by forces within their control [their printer, which was not quite ready for such production] to those without their control: 75’ trees crashing on our site, minus ten degree weather and even Bears[!]. Thehe permit continues to be renewed and Kushner and his allied 3d Printing company, Madco3d, will eventually bring this building to fruition.

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