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Marce Grier

Office Manager / Human Resources Coordinator

Marce earned a bachelor degree in Fashion Knitwear Design from

Nottingham University England and began her working career creatively as a knitwear designer for the British retailing chain River Island. Open mindedness and adaptability turned a temporary six month posting to Hong Kong to establish fashion trading office, into a four year residency. During this time she broadened her experience to include merchandising, production, importing and exporting while falling in love with the culture and the fast paced industry. A desire for change inspired her decision to join a New York based Interior design firm, eventually leading to the position with Kushner Studios. Marce’s recent expanded role of Human Resources Coordinator has led her to believe that a “good ear” is as much to be prized a “good eye”.

She has traveled to Asia, India, Europe and the USA. Her interests include classical and contemporary ballet, fashion and interior design.

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