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136 Summit Avenue

Client: Monticellio Equity Properties, LLC
Jersey City, NJ | 2018

This building sits on a perceived line that divides the city. We imagined this building socially and physically as a filter that attempts to mitigate this threshold condition. The building's curved form alludes to, and refers to, a connection to City Hall on one end and the growth of Jersey City's epicenter, the Journal Square area on the other. The cause and effect, has allowed projects like this one to be conceptualized in the first place. The entrance on Summit Avenue, is a grand entrance sequence that refers ti the rather under utilized traffic islands fronting it. The base, a crisply rendered plinth of stone and glass, represents simultaneously the filtering parti and a reference to the site's geology and bedrock that is found in the area, as well as the great dilapidated ruin of a mid 19th century church directly to our south. Overall it is a grand project and a great contribution to the neighborhood and city.

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