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159 Lexington Avenue

Client: Michael Tsoumpas
New York, NY | 2001

[20,000 SF]
Renovated building includes Ground Floor restaurant, 16 rental units, penthouse duplex, roof and sundeck. The project began with the concept that all rental apartments in Manhattan originate in an 'apartment for rent' advertisement in the Sunday paper. Expanding upon this, the building was organized into a series of 'newspaper sections', recognizing that all residents predilections fall somewhere between 'Page 6' and the Sports pages. The layered composition of the façade reveals the expressive vocabulary; dialectical concern such as voyeurism vs. introspection and exposure vs. protection can be gleaned through the skin. Primitive fears of security are assuaged through the rusticated treatment of the ground floor with a 'bridge', spanning the alimental space that divides city from residence.

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