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1610 Dekalb Avenue

Client: American Development Group
Brooklyn, NY | 2008

[39,000 SF] The project includes the renovation of an existing 2-story building with the addition of 3 new floors and an automated parking system. The building consists of 18,000 SF outpatient healthcare facility associated with Wykoff Height Medical Center, and on the neighboring lot 15 modern high-end condominium units. The 5-story mixed-use building is a constructed metaphor of the rebirth of an inner-city neighborhood recently recognized for its riots and degradation. In an attempt to capture the local environment of this area, we used materials traditionally associated with urban decay to symbolize new beginnings. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the upper floor suggest the rolled-up gates and street signs in an older Brooklyn neighborhood, one that continues to recover from decades of decline and disinvestment. Additionally, the fifth floor contains a large circular window (or 'oculus'), which looks out on a superb view of Manhattan's skyline, connecting it with a source of vibrant energy and progression. Built atop a two story brick warehouse, the building houses twenty three loft-style apartments, including some with 16-foor ceilings and three duplexes opening onto a private courtyard adding to the excitement and identity of this uniquely 'hip' neighborhood. As a pair of urban amenities, Wykoff hospital established a new facility here along with the first robotic parking system in Brooklyn.

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