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211 West 29th Street

New York, NY | Concept

This project which, alas, remains only a set of provocative renderings hanging on our clients conference room wall [and herein] due to other economic realities, nonetheless, was a well considered building that we had hoped to provide to our patrons. This Chelsea based building was intended to consider the object of a building from the vantage of how most of us consume our daily experiences: Through the lens of the icon. A stand in for the thing itself. Be that the apps on our smart phones or the very buildings we inhabit. Here, the entire building is considered an iconized version of a building itself and is intentionally meant to reflect that, now recognizable, typological distinction. The ground floor was intended to be an open and malleable lobby thus extending the experience of the street, a place where we all continue to inhabit, into the once commonly understood private realm of the owners space. This Project, undertaken in those halcyon days before covid up ended all of our understandings of distanced communication and what is ‘real architectural space’ has taken on a new level of significance and meaning. We hope to rerevisit this project and its intentions in our future work.

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