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304 East 65th Street

Client: Keith Berman
New York City, NY | 2013

An eccentric client who attended grade school in Liverpool [and sat behind Sir Paul McCartney] had a strong desire to renovate his apartment and include a room that resembled The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'. Mind you this was in an upper floor of an Upper East Side Tower Highrise. Having recently seen a widely published project of ours featuring a pair of NYC Subway Doors he contacted us and said ’you are my guys’. And so we began going down a long and winding road that ultimately led us to a highly creative, highly customized and deliriously crafted space. The client was instrumental for both his willingness to entertain unusual treatments, materials ideas as well as selecting provocative pieces of furniture to complement our work. We shared many a back-of-the-napkin ideas over cocktails along the way. E mails would arrive from the client highlighting some exotic or unusual material or another at odd hours. And although the Yellow Submarine morphed and became a wonderful stainless steel door with a real built in porthole the overall result was an apartment as an amalgam of textures and details that left everyone involved happy with the process, proud of the craftsmanship and thrilled that it was possible to have such a positive relationship in the often cynical environment that alas, proves to bemore the exception than the norm. A postscript. All involved remain close friends a decade after the renovation despite the client relocating to parts south a few years after completion.

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