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343-349 East 50th Street

Client: American Development Group
New York, NY | 2005

[49,000 SF] The project includes the renovation of four existing 5-story brownstones, and the addition of 2 new stories, containing 23 high-end luxury condominiums, a common gym, private storage units, rear garden, full time concierge, and sundeck. This gut renovation attempted to insert a modern interior into the staid body of this Upper East Side traditional building. This attitude is expressed in the playful use of the façade as a screen that becomes both a device for set-back interiorized spaces and contradicting that, glass projected balconies. Fundamental to the scheme was the creation of a diverse series of apartment layouts. There are garden triplexes, duplexes and floor-throughs. This range was meant to provide a varied series of possible living accommodations, rich in its attempt to recreate idealized urban dwellings. This building has been well received and has been put forth as a bright example of a modern renovation among staid and culturally entrenched neighborhoods.

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