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599 Myrtle Avenue

Client: MG Organization
Brooklyn, NY | 2013

When we last saw this client we were in our first years of business. 20 years have passed and when the client decided to begin a new venture in development, he reached out to us.
We are very proud that this will be the clients’ first foray into new construction and we believe that we were able to offer the client what they were looking for. A progressive building that would appeal to both their aesthetic sensibilities, and a sound rationale building to appeal to their financial side. On the cusp of construction, we believe that this will be the first of many new ventures between us.
As an interesting footnote to be filed under 'small world', 6 years ago when principal Adam Kushner was looking to develop, this was the very site that he came close to purchasing. Although it didn’t work out for him then, he is happy to have gotten a chance to design it for others. Expected ground breaking, January 2014.

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