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61 Newkirk Street

Client: Diego Hodara
Jersey City, NJ | 2018

This building was envisioned as a direct architectonic response to the immediate context of the neighborhood, comprised of single and two-family homes, and multi-unit apartment buildings. What we set out to accomplish was to shape a building that respected all of these different housing typologies within our lot. This is a building that looks forward in its intentions but is firmly rooted in its context. We see this building as and accumulation of various design forces seen on the immediate block, as well as one that will offer design cues for the further redevelopment of the area. We want to make a strong statement that we believe in the future of this neighborhood and are not content to replicate the status quo of what we find currently. The façade is broken down into modular pieces that echo the surrounding scale of the homes in the area. A combination of smooth stucco and horizontal composites panels add texture and dimension to the exterior, and highlight the programming of the interior, as well as reference the horizontal siding and set back porches seen on the block, all the while utilizing a modernist material palette. Large fenestrations are used to provide ample light to the apartments within, which are long and narrow due to the configuration of the site.

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