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880 West 181st Street

Client: Ms. Promita Sengupta
New York, NY | 2012

[890 SF]
As a Design-Build effort this project tested our technological communication skills as we exchanged information between NYC and Bangladesh, ‘global village’ indeed. This pied-a-terre is located in the (relatively) bucolic climes of the northern reaches of Manhattan. Built for a client who only resides in NYC a few weeks a year, it was meant to provide a minimalist island of serenity and comfort. Working with a Buddhist priest, the client's spiritual advisor, much of this project was an exercise in removals and paring down the ornamentation found in this genteel 1930's apartment building. In the end, simple white & clean were the resultant aesthetic. All involved appreciated the efforts required to do less (which of course, means doing more to achieve this).

General Contractor: In House Group, Inc.

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