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910 Union Street

Client: American Developer Group
Brooklyn, NY | 2012

We took our cues for the facade design from the building's immediate context. The facade is an homage to the very particular style of tripartite bay window townhouses seen up and down Union Street and the immediate Park Slope neighborhood. Additionally, the siting of the building proved to be an opportunity to create a distinctive entryway for the Park Slope neighborhood as one approached from Grand Army Plaza. This unique situation lead us to create a facade that, in essence, became a larger typological match of the adjacent townhouses and still proved to hold its own stylistically among its rather venerable neighbors. It sits well in its site, both being a team player yet having a distinctive presence.
The decorative details simultaneously find resonance with the neighborhood texture while still setting it apart as a contemporary building.
Playfully pulling back some of the facade and inserting the newer portion in others, there is a clear and unbiased notation that these three pieces form a greater composition: all elements respectful of each other but clearly having their own purpose.
While never reaching backwards through mimicry, we suggest, rather through textures and forms, its historical context, using modern materials. This contemporary construction, of course, incorporates state of the art interiors and all of the amenities one expects in a luxury condominium to be found in today's market.
[25,000 SF]

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