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Candlewood Suites

Client: Visa Hotel
Long Island City, NY | 2013

[52,000 SF]
This 103 key hotel is an exciting project for our office. It will be our first hospitality project of this magnitude and we are pleased with the challenges it offers, although the project began as a backpackers hostel and then morphed into a Queens-centric hip hotel, its most recent incarnation is that of a Candlewood Suites venture. The hotels main assets are its fantastic rooftop views of midtown Manhattan, its perfect, almost bucolic siting and unusually large rooms, borne out of the robust industrial shell that is being converted. This concrete bunker of a building proved to be an interesting renovation challenge since it does not offer the best dimensions for hotel room subdivisions. This was carefully considered and a clever step back solution was adopted which allowed the owners to reapportion the lost square footage onto the more valuable roof top space.
This is a work in progress but with any luck, we hope to see this break ground in early 2014.

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