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Engine Room Audio, 42 Broadway

Client: Engine Room Audio
New York, NY | 2009

[9,500 SF]
The renovated space includes 6 recording studios, 4 Live Rooms, reception, lounge and private offices. A singular central path runs through the space providing a unifying element to the disparately programmed areas. A cast concrete floor is embedded with mechanical detritus [nuts and bolts] as well as colorful point of references [sanded marbles]. Points along the path were given nodal importance that allude to the recognizable symbols of recording music. A metaphor for each of these nodes was formed and the resulting design vocabulary was a lighthearted take on this theme (i.e. fast forward or stop buttons used as design elements). For example, elements named 'stop light' become the reception area, a place under a light-to stop. 'Play-ful' became the lounge screen composed of iterations of the play button set in a haphazard (playful) manner.

General Contractor: In House Group, Inc.

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