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Evil Twin Brewing, 1616 George Street

Client: Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø
Brooklyn, NY | 2018

This project, creation of a long awaited home for Evil Twin to Ridgewood is yet another jewel in our expanding crown of breweries we have sheparded into existence in this town. Evil Twin had decided to establish a new permanent home for their operations and they seem to have hit a home run. Their decidedly quirky design aesthetic, artfully edited and assisted with our efforts, manifests itself as Brooklyn hardcore meets Austin chic (but not shabby) and did we mention they have a new greenhouse? Much like I.M. Pei’s Louvre Pyramid, this shiny prismatic form is a perfect foil for the stainless equipment blackened steel (that we so love to use around here, and just enough greenery to unite all of the aesthetics).

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