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Gorzow Building

Client: M-34 Spółka Z.O.O
Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland | 1999

This project is part hobby, part epic slog, part investment, part global expansionist dream. Going back over 17 years, Principal Adam Kushner chose to invest in his former construction partner’s dream in a land he had never been. Investing in this small town in Poland, this building was part of his belief that Architecture must go beyond design to be important. One should build it and ultimately pay for it. That is only where true design purity and intent can lay. And so, he leveraged some dear assets he had in a place he knew best [Manhattan New York City] and wired them to a country he did not speak a word of. Ultimately he believed that he, alongside his like minded partners in New York, could actually make a positive difference for a people he had come to admire, respect and in fact appreciate through this building. The road has been bumpy for sure [without getting into details, will only say that a few people ended up in jail and Mr. Kushner has seen the inside of a Polish Court house [as witness!] many times] but of late, this building, indeed, this place, has and continues to become greater than the sum of its parts. It not only provides small working spaces for local businesses, but also has several public facing facilities needed and is done in ways that appear slightly foreign to the locals who are none the less willing to give it a try. The building is a 11 story commercial tower sitting atop a 2 story shopping mall. This is a building that has a few accolades including the Tallest Point in Western Poland. Mr. Kushner will continue to travel there, partake of the culture and hope one day to be given the keys to the city for his civic enrichment of his adopted city.

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