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Green Leaf Pool Room, 100 North 6th St

Client: Green Leaf Pool Room
Richmond, VA | 2013

This project was outside of our usual environment in both geography and typology. However, it didn’t faze either the client, a nationally ranked Brooklyn native pool player, and his intrepid architects from digging in and setting up a full on establishment in Richmond, Virginia. A very long day on site with a tour of the environs gave us a good grounding to Richmond’s charms, we had a fun and enlightening lesson in the nuances of this local building code but found our way forward and soon thereafter we broke ground. The owner wanted to bring a sense of grandeur and integrity back to this game he remains passionate for. Simple vintage inspired fixtures set against a wonderfully tiled, raw space achieves this clearly. Constructed bar backs and pipe fitting shelving lend detail to this sparse space, harking back to images of mid-century, midwestern pool rooms and, not specifically, to the more bastardized, disco-lit incarnations seen of late. This is a new project type to add to our growing list along with another state we can now ply our craft in.

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