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Kings County Distillery

Client: Kings County Distillery
Brooklyn, NY | 2013

KUSHNER studios is proud to be such a large participant in this milestone of a project. Besides building it with our construction forces, this is the first new distillery in New York City to open since prohibition (and only the second one in the state). As a ‘small world’ anecdote, the other is Tutthilltown Distilleries, owned by an early client Ralph Erenzo (The Crag Climbing Wall), who left the big city to make whiskey in the Hudson valley.
The client entrusted us to design and build his facilities. With some of the corn growing in the side yard used to make the hooch, the phrase 'Made in Brooklyn' takes on a special meaning. Since its initial opening, it has taken on quite a following and tours of the facility are well attended. In addition, a speacial area cum museum (Boozeum) was installed to celebrate the brewer's local history. The owners, it should note, hail from an architectural background and the publishing industry, giving hope to many daydreaming cube dwellers of abondoning their day job in search of their dream job.

Interior Design by hOmE NYC
General Contractor: In House Group, INC.

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