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M Wells Steakhouse (43-15 Crescent Street)

Client: Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis
Long Island City, NY | 2013

[7,450 SF] Despite principal Adam Kushner's promising himself that he would never invest in another restaurant project again [after his prior popular success [but commercial failure!] Seymour Burton], he found the sirens song too alluring and together with his construction partner entered the fray again.
This Design-Build effort confronted the realities of creating a restaurant space out of an old garage in Long Island City head-on. No stone [or surface] went untreated. The primary challenge was converting a barren and hostile space intended for debilitated vehicles into a warm and noble place worthy of being called a proper steakhouse.
It proved epic in scope and nature but in the end, combined with the owners’ innate talents in both the culinary arts and interior design, we pulled off the [almost] impossible. Creating a baroque space, long on quirkiness and eccentricities, matching the personalities of the star players, yet raw and refined simultaneously. Sounds odd no? But it all hangs together cohesively and early accounts and reviews seem to confirm this opinion. [One could even go for the food.]

General Contractor: In House Group, Inc.

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