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Route 299

Client: Adam Kushner
Upstate NY | Under Construction

Expanding on Kushner Studios traditional approach of practicing architecture in wider circles than most other firms. They are, through their allied firms, headed by Mr. Kushner, involved in General Contracting as well as 3d printing have reached out even further and decided to take matters into their own hands. This venture will be one of the first times that they have decided to act as their own developers and using land that Mr. Kushner had purchased a decade ago, has decided to build a single family house on it. But not happy to produce the same stale schlock one could expect by such opportunities or those wishing to play it safe and allow Brokers and Marketers to design it for them, they took a rather radical approach. They said that they are going to bring something quite unique and important to the market and allow the world to find them. And in doing so, Mr. Kushner brings the entire geologic history of the Hudson Valley into one cogent design statement. For aside from the direct ‘quotes’ found in known landmarks around the area, [Lake Awosting is one as well as the well known boulder called Spyglass at the foot of the Undercliff road] the entire assembly is meant to recall the large boulders that had fallen from the last glacier as it receded back up the Hudson Valley that in fact it had formed. In the end, this ‘statement piece’ whether understood or not will still be an inspiring and thrilling place to live. [and he feels that even if he can not find a buyer, he will reluctantly take up weekend residence with his partners there- and he could live with that as well.]

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