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Steve's Camp

Client: Steve
Upstate New York, NY | 2012

An inspiring weekend was spent volunteering our expertise and labor at Steve's Camp, a foundation organized by our client to provide a summer camp experience to underpriviliged urban youths. Located about 110 miles from New York City, the combined forces of In House Group and Kushner Studios set out to have an intense design/build weekend. During our two days together, the campers were introduced to the design process, conceptualizing ideas, working through issues that inevitably arise during implementation, and ultimately fabricating a functional construction. Using scrap materials at the camp as well as tools brought by our construction team, three groups designed and built three shade structures for future campers to enjoy. The teams each developed unique designs that spoke to surrounding landscape, the site specific installation each group chose, and to the needs of the campers who would be using them. Having the unique opportunity to be both client and designer led to some very exciting and creative designs. It is everyone's hope and intention that this great success will be the first of many future interactions.

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