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Wild Edibles, 740 Barry Street COMING SOON

Client: Wild Edibles
Bronx, NY | 2013

[10,000 SF]
We love our work. When not doing distilleries, residential buildings, pool halls, climbing walls, restaurants or townhouses on occasion we get to design a 10,000 sf fish processing facility.
Wild Edibles, one of New York City's top fish purveyors needed to relocate and called upon us to renovate a large and slightly decrepit warehouse facility. Working with 25' deep bowstring full span trusses was interesting enough, but trying to put a working lunch mezzanine up into them while they swayed was less so. Also considered is the unusual requirement to, in essence, create a 10,000 sf walk in refrigerator space. This programmatic consideration was a first for us.
The project was recently completed and despite having some setbacks due to flooding caused by Sandy in 2012, they are back in business and thriving.

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