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Open House New York

Principal and former Board Member of OHNY, Adam Kushner takes the day to participate in one of his favorite yearly events: Open House New York. He will open the doors to his private residence allowing the public to participate and view his 10 year [and continuing but mostly finished] odyssey in home renovations] As a bonus subplot sprinkled throughout the home is his growing map collection highlighted by the rarely seen Nolli Map of Rome. Historically lines have been excessive as this is one of the most popular residential sites on the tour. Mr. Kushner will be on hand to answer questions from the public throughout the day. In addition, all Friends of Kushner studios. [or anyone who is reading this] please reach out to our office to express your intentions to attend and we will see if we can expedite your wait time if possible. And by the way, Mr. Kushner's space is only one of over 290 various sites located throughout the 5 boroughs. Check out OHNY’s site and plan the weekend accordingly immersed in seeing some unique and hidden gems this town has to offer.

Saturday October 21st 11:00-4:00 PM

Site Location: 16 Minetta Lane, Manhattan [Village]

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