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NYC Keys to the City Scavenger Hunt

This yearly event, now in its fourth iteration, is sponsored by the Museum of the City of New York and indeed feels like a cross between a Movable Feast and a Love Letter to all things New York Centric.

This year's theme was New York City in the Movies and indeed it proved to be a challenging series of clues.

All contestants and teams are given a set of clues and they are asked to answer them correctly and then seek them out in real space by any means necessary. [In fact choice of transport can play a critical role in determining each teams level of success].

Once identified, They have to take a photo of all team members in front of said building, place, sign, etc. and post to instagram to get credit.

Great strategy has to be considered as:

a. One has to arrive at the right answer

b. It would be virtually impossible to answer all 50 questions in the 4 hour time frame given and

c. Various sites are weighted differently causing contestants to consider their route.

Congratulations, Adam and team Something Else for winning 3rd place!

Photo Credits to: Jörg Schubert, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Group Photo Credits: @something_else2023mcny

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